Retired Cop Forced to Give Up His Pit Bull Service Dog

jim-sak-and-snickersHere’s a story to support the inhumanity of the movement to separate, punish and eradicate the entire pit bull breed.  A small Iowa town that decided to ban Pit Bulls has forced Jim Sak — a retired police officer, Vietnam War vet and wheelchair-bound stroke survivor — to give up Snickers, the pit bull cross that has been helping him to get through his daily routine.

In Aurelia, Iowa, pit bulls have been banned since 2008, after a pit bull bit a meter reader. That is bad news for Jim and his wife Peggy, since they recently moved to Aurelia to help Peggy’s ailing mother. Instead of considering excusing Snickers in light of Jim’s difficult physical situation and reliance on his canine friend, the town council demanded the dog be taken away.

“I was a policeman for 32 years. I understand there’s black and white, but there’s also a gray area where you have to use your head,” Jim told the Chicago Sun-Times, “They’re not using their heads.” Ever since they began working with each other, snickers has helped to predict Jim’s falls and get help as soon as he needs it.

After the council voted 3 to 2 in favor of no exceptions to the ban — and to Snickers’ exile — the Saks were given until the next day to get him out of the town. “I left the meeting and threw up on the street outside the place. I can’t stop crying. Jim, being the Chicago cop, is stoic, but very depressed. It’s terrible. I’m afraid to leave him, ” says Peggy.

But there’s a glimmer of hope. The Animal Farm Foundation, who fights for equal treatment of all breeds, has offered to pay for Snickers’ stay at the kennel outside of town and they’ve hired a lawyer to represent the Saks. They are arguing that the town’s decision violates the Americna Disabilities Act (ADA) which allows service dogs of any breeds, and thus should exempt Snickers from such a ban.

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